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I Am Regional Health

In May 2015, Regional Health launched I Am Regional Health, a yearlong advertising and marketing campaign that celebrates the organization's 4,700 physicians and caregivers. During the next 12 months, I Am Regional Health will showcase 36 exceptional individuals throughout the region who truly represent the organization Regional Health’s purpose, helping patients and communities live well.

Each month, three new selections are announced and showcased both for the work they do and their impact on their families, friends and communities. Scroll below to view all of the selections thus far and click “Read More” to view videos, photos and articles about what makes these physicians and caregivers such a vital part of Regional Health.

April 2016

Mallory S. hadn't planned on a career in health care but a pivotal moment in her life made it clear health care was her calling.

A Calling In Health Care

“It just hit me,” Mallory said. “I’m meant to help take care of people and help to make them comfortable. It’s rewarding to me.”

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Chris S. brings a positive energy to her busy job as Supervisor of Environmental Services at Lead-Deadwood Regional Hospital. That energy inspires other caregivers and her staff to provide excellent patient care.

Sharing A Positive Energy

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Whether working with physicians and caregivers in Rapid City Regional Hospital’s surgery department, or spending his free time coaching local youth hockey, Jason E. says there is one key to success – teamwork.

Teamwork is Key to Success

“Anesthesia and the surgery department function on the team concept. … It takes working together to make things happen,” he said. “We provide good patient care and anesthesia delivery. … We do not settle for less than excellent.”
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March 2016

Joni H. enjoys working with her close-knit staff in a small town and providing excellent care there. Hill successfully championed to bring digital mammography to the Southern Hills this year, and she is quick to praise her fellow caregivers for their support. “I am so proud of my staff and the dedication they give,” Hill says. “We wear a lot of hats and we love that.”

Providing Excellent Care

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Tammy B. goes to work every day with the goal of making things the best they can be for every patient. This proud Regional Health caregiver is passionately dedicated to doing everything possible to help ensure high quality patient outcomes.

Tireless Patient Safety Champion

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Dr. Douglas Everson is the only physician at Belle Fourche Regional Medical Clinic and it’s a role he has embraced since 2008. Working with a family of providers in a small clinic, Dr. Everson finds his work, and the caregivers and people in the community he works with, rewarding.

Embracing Rural Care

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February 2016

Jana B. is a positive caregiver who enjoys the variety of her job as a Registered Nurse in the small community in which she was raised. Working at the Wall Regional Medical Clinic, and also as a Home Care provider, has shown Jana that if you take care of people, they will take care of you..

Nurse Cares for Others Like Family

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Mavis has learned from experiences in her own family and that has helped her provide personal, compassionate patient care. Mavis, registered nurse, is a Clinical Resource Nurse at Rapid City Regional Hospital. “It’s a good feeling to have people call me and ask for help. I just love doing it.”

Personal, Compassionate Care

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Kelly W. and her family founded the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation in 2014 and it has helped hundreds of children with special needs and their families in and around Spearfish. Still in its infancy, the foundation is growing and the Weis family continues to invest time and energy into helping others.

Foundation For the Future

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January 2016

Jamie M. understands what it takes to be a successful Medical Imaging Operations Manager at Sturgis Regional Hospital and she share's that knowledge on the court coaching youth basketball. "I think basketball has taught me about what it means to be on a team, to work together for other people," she said.

Court To the Workplace

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Amy-Jo S. is a nurse who believes caring for patients involves medicine – and more. On her job at Hot Springs Regional Medical Clinic, Amy-Jo is dedicated to lifting patients’ spirits as well as treating their physical needs. “I became a nurse because I wanted to do good things and help people.”.

Helping People...

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Theresa F. is always on the go. She is someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. Theresa’s can-do attitude and drive to achieve inspires those around her – at work and in the community. This 25-year employee is leading the charge to help improve the health of Regional Health caregivers through a new program. “I wanted to be a part of Employee Well-Being, because if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others,” she said..

Dedicated to Well-Being

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December 2015

For Rita S., walking into Lead-Deadwood Regional Hospital to start each work day feels as welcoming as coming home. A native of Lead-Deadwood, Rita grew up down the street from the hospital where she is now Director of Patient Services. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with diabetes and that inspired her interest in health care. She’s now a role model and educator for patients who live with diabetes.

Role Model and Educator...

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Justin M. has an enthusiasm for his work and his family. As a pharmacist at Spearfish Regional Hospital he works with a team committed to patient care. In the community he coaches basketball, helps out with youth activities and volunteers his time.

Involved with Community, Family

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As a child, Joann S., RN, dreamed about being a nurse. After 43 years in the profession, the Rapid City Regional Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse Manager remains passionate about nursing. Today she hires and trains new nurses to provide the best patient care possible, and also helps establish life-saving patient care protocols.

Problem Solving for Patients

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November 2015

Getting people through their tough times could be Cindy W.’s life motto. On the job and in her community, she is known for her willingness to help patients, friends, neighbors and strangers.

“I just like knowing people are doing well,” said Cindy, who is a Medical Lab Technician at Custer Regional Hospital.

Getting People Through...

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Moon H. has a passion for lifetime fitness. While she's working at Regional Rehabilitation or instructing classes at Barefoot Fitness in Spearfish, she promotes fitness and says that exercise is the magic pill.

A Passion for Lifetime Fitness

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Eli C. likes to make people happy and strives to put a smile on as many faces he can in a day. He knows Information Technology plays an important role in health care and if he can fix technology issues for physicians and caregivers it indirectly helps patients. “This is the place where I can have the most positive impact on the most people,” Eli says.

Striving to Make Others Happy

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October 2015

Kathy Y. is deeply committed to her community and her career. She and her husband are involved in the Spearfish community and she was instrumental in the development of the Wound Care Clinic at Spearfish Regional Hospital. Why? Kathy doesn't know of any other way.

Committed to Her Community

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As a young physician newly out of medical school, Lanny Reimer, MD, dreamed of returning to his hometown to practice medicine. He achieved his dream and forever changed the future of health care in Newcastle and Upton, Wyo., where he has been a family physician for 35 years. “I’ve been very lucky, and I have great patients,” he said.

Changing Health Care

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Tina S. is a radiation therapist at the Cancer Care Institute. She enjoys getting to know her patients so she can give them the best possible care. Making her patients feel comfortable and easing their fears is the best part of her day. “You have to have your heart in this field to be a good caregiver,” Tina said.

Providing the Best Possible Care

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September 2015

Jill A. is well-suited to provide rural health care. Working at Pine Ridge Regional Medical Clinic gives this Registered Nurse the opportunity to wear many hats and be part of the health care team helping patients get the care they need and deserve.

Energetic, Dedicated

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Tyler B. brings a passion to both his work life and his free time activities. When he's not helping co-workers and patients at Spearfish Regional Hospital he's enjoying one of the many activities the Black Hills has to offer.

Passion For Work and Life

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Janelle H. starts every day with a smile and a goal - to ensure that the children in her care have their best day ever. Janelle is a Child Care Assistant at Rapid City Children's Center knows working with children means shaping the future.

Making A Difference

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August 2015

Dr. H. Thomas Hermann appreciates his community and the caregivers he works with and gives back at every opportunity. "Giving back is why I'm involved," he says. "I get reminded of why we all do what we do; because we're in this together."

Integrity and Service

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Annalisa A. brings a great energy and passion to everything she does. She's well respected at work and in the Lead Deadwood community. "I'm blessed," she says. "I don't have a lot, but we're blessed for what we do have."

Energy, Passion, Giving

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Susan W.., You might call Susan W. a matchmaker. As Director of Physician Recruiting for Regional Health, she is passionate about finding physicians who will be an ideal fit for Regional Health. Ultimately, Susan wants physicians to love their jobs as much as she loves hers.

Bringing Passion To Her Job

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July 2015

Tracy knew her life’s calling at 16 years old. Tracy Y. loves to care for people and it shows in her work every day at the Hill City Clinic. Find out more of Tracy’s story and why she loves what she does..

Making a Difference

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Crystal P. knows and embraces the unique challenges working in rural health. The reward for Crystal is taking care of the people in her community.

Committed to Her Community

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For Tim F., even challenges as daunting as a blizzard don’t deter him from assisting patients in need. Tim enjoys working with physicians, caregivers and the patients themselves to find the best solutions for patients’ medical equipment needs.

Working Together

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June 2015

Jolene starts each day with “putting her best attitude on” and it shows in the relationships she has built at Newcastle Regional Medical Clinic during the past 17 years. She believes dedication and commitment are only half the equation for success on the job. You have to bring enthusiasm and passion too.

Put Your Best Attitude On

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Concepcion is a dedicated Patient Care Technician in Rapid City Regional Hospital’s Home Care services. She radiates kindness and compassion. Concepcion receives rave reviews from her patients and their families and her coworkers enjoy her positive attitude. Concepcion is proud to work for Regional Health and Regional Health is glad to employ her.

Kind, Exceptional Caregiver

“My favorite part of my job is to see my patients smile. They are very good to me and I enjoy them all.”
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Dr. Jason Knudson, is a leader at Queen City Regional Medical Clinic, always having his patient’s best interests at heart. He also volunteers at the Good Shepard Clinic, providing care for those with financial barriers.

Embracing The Community

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May 2015

Lisa Brown, MD., works at Custer Regional Hospital and Custer Clinic and sees patients at the Hot Springs Regional Medical Clinic. She also serves as medical director for the ambulance services in Custer, Hill City, Mount Rushmore and Jewel Cave.

Her Patients are Her Community

Being a physician wasn’t always in
the life plan for Lisa Brown, M.D.
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Lisa Brown, MD

Bruce works in the Environmental Services Department at Regional Health Center. He takes time to greet everyone while he is getting ready for his shift, and his positive attitude is infectious. Bruce is an important part of our health care team.

Positive Attitude, Excellent Work

“My favorite part of the day is when I swipe in, knowing I’m here working around a great bunch of people.”
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Lisa Brown, MD

Lacey, Director of Spearfish Regional Hospital Emergency Services, has created a talented team that provides exceptional care. She has the ability to motivate people and is always available to respond to emergencies.

Commitment to Community

“At the end of the day, I want each patient to feel as if they were the only person in the ER."
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Lisa Brown, MD