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Nutrition Services
Why a Dietitian?
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Rapid City
Regional Hospital
Nutrition Services

353 Fairmont Boulevard
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 719-8835

Nutrition Services

Why meet with a dietitian?

Rapid City Regional Health Nutrition Services want to help you make healthy choices concerning your diet.

Sessions with a registered dietitian at RCRH Nutrition Services can be scheduled through your doctor or on an individual basis.

To find out what a registered dietitian can do for you and how to schedule an appointment, click here.

What is your body saying about your diet?

  • Waist Size: If your waste size is above average you are at risk for a variety of health problems. Use this quick guide to determine your waste size.
  • Body Mass Index: Use these simple tools to determine your body mass index.
  • Poor Eating Habits: Poor eating habits lead to health problems. A registered dietitian can help you develop successful diet strategies. Visit here for more information.
  • Pediatric Clinical Growth: Charts
  • Dietary guidelines for Americans