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88 Keys for Caring

Sponsored by Rapid City Regional Hospital Satisfaction Council

Music can provide comfort and have a positive impact on a person's well-being in the healing process. RCRH Satisfaction Council is leading a unique fundraiser called, "88 Keys for Caring," enabling Rapid City Regional Hospital to acquire a grand piano with player system, for the RCRH main lobby. The piano will be a tribute to staff, patients, and families, as well as our Patient-Family Centered Care model.

The RCRH Satisfaction Council's goal is to raise more than $25,000 by November 2013.

Through the "88 Keys for Caring" campaign, donors and friends have the opportunity to be a part of the RCRH history. The campaign is named for the number of keys on a standard piano. It gives donors a chance to "purchase" one or more keys in various amounts or make smaller donations toward the purchase of the piano.

Everyone who purchases a key will be recognized on a plaque displayed in the RCRH lobby area. This campaign gives the community, staff, and patients, an opportunity to be a part of acquiring this unique example of our commitment to the rich caring environment we provide.

This piano will represent happiness, peace, and joy, and may bring a type of "comfort" to someone in their healing process. I encourage you to give towards this purpose and its potential to affect you, your patient, your staff, and our environment of care.

The "purpose" is bigger than the piano - it is about the power of what music does to one's soul - whether you are the player or the listener. It's about the joy, peace, and the special moments this may bring to all who encounter this environment-and this is what it is about. The piano is merely a tool used to get to a much bigger purpose.

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. However, should you wish to leave your legacy and be recognized, purchase one or more of the 88 keys on the piano. Complete the attached donation form and be a part of this long-term investment into RCRH.

For questions, call (605)755-7716
88 Keys Piano Key Availability

88 Keys Donation Form